Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jewels By Joon

Hello,  I am June Mazmanian and I am Jewels By Joon.  Wow where to start, I am a retired lady of 61 years old.  I have loved jewelry since I began to walk!  Well pretty close to that age.  Always a jewelry lover.  I got started making jewelry because of a back injury.  

I am a mom of three very beautiful ladies with children of their own now.  I am a grandma to 8 and I have a husband of 31 years.  Isn't he a blessed man!    I tell him that everyday.  What a blessing I am to him!  Being the perfect husband he just smiles as he goes out the door to work.  Blessing is what I get from him everyday. 
I enjoy people and being on Esty I have been able to  meet others that love jewelry too via emails.  So that is a bit about me and my family. 

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