Friday, February 17, 2012

Blogging In Time

I can't say it is me, of coarse that would be saying that I don't know enough  about what I am doing yet!  But so far I have lost my blog, more than a few times, Hey it happens, but true.  I changed my shop name and felt no big deal, new name on Etsy was good.  I tried to change the name on my blog as well and did do that, but it seems that the old name saved, does anyone know what I did wrong?   I am under first then MeNMyBeads.....Help!!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Me N My Beads

I have a new shop name for my Etsy account on line.  I was JewelsByJoon it is now  Me N My Beads....Please stop by as I am redoing my shop...Have new banner on the way and will be changing things around to make my shop a better place to find your jewelry needs....Still everything is hand made by my fingers!

Hope to see you soon.   June

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Does a Lady Do

I have wondered myself with so many things on a our plates what do we do to keep our selves sane...Well for me it is working with my  creative side that aloud me to stay on track and keep my husband and family happy..Now the main reason for that is that when I am not bugging them, they are happy...

In my blog you will read that I love jewelry...I was born with jewelry around my neck and in my ears...I just know it!  I have always been that way.  You will also read that it was a injury to my back and neck that got me on the path of making it to control the pain that I was in at all times.  This gave me meaning back, so many of us who have had severe injuries need that meaning back...That is what helped me...

For the people who have purchased my jewelry you have no way of knowing what that means to me, Yea someone likes my work....And they will pay me for it too....Yahooo!  Love to all.  Take care and have a really great day...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Ideas

What a wonderful time to start new jewelry creations, and ideas, I have had my long winters rest from getting all things out for the Christmas season 2011.  Now it is time to make new ideas come to be.  What a wonderful new year for the first on my list of things to notice...Yep mine was great, warm in side, out of the cold...left the party goers to party until New Year Rang in.....Warm bed for me and my hubby.

My boutique sales in Kerman have picked up and this excites me because now slow but sure I am getting my designs out there.  Now getting things going on my Etsy shop.......Well all take care and have a great Jan..................